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Welcome to Our Downtown! We are pleased to introduce you to our members who look forward to providing you with that special gift; a great meal between friends or that special moment; or a service required to meet your long term planning or specific needs of the day. Whether meeting with a professional or a business entrepreneur or sitting down to enjoy a cuppa with friends, there is no doubt that Welland IS the place for business and the place to be.


Anderson & Anderson Law Offices
163 Division Street, L3B 4A1, Welland
Phone: 905 735-7777
Barker-McNall Professional Paralegal Corporation
80 King Street, L3B 3J2, Welland
Phone: 1-888-522-5255
​We have experienced paralegals working day in and day out on helping people wade through the Provincial court system. Contact our office to find out how our services can help.
Bellantino, Vincent Law Office
8 East Main Street, L3B 3W3, Welland
Phone: 905-788-3881
Fax: 905-788-3885
Beresh Smith
131 Division Street, L3B 3Z8, Welland
Phone: (905) 734-4553
Brugman Law
18 Cross St, L3B 3G1, Welland
Phone: 289-213-4688
Donald Johnston Law Office
131 Division Street, L3B3Z8, Welland
Phone: 905-734-4517
Fax: 905-734-3987
Douglas Thomas Barristers & Solicitors
117 East Main Street, L3B3W5, Welland
Phone: 905-732-5529
Fax: 905-732-2211
Flett Beccario
190 Division Street, L3B 5P9, Welland
Phone: 905 732 4481
Fax: 905 732 2020
Houghton, Sloniowski and Stengel Attorneys
170 Division Steet, L3B 4A2, Welland
Phone: 905 734-4577
Fax: 905-732-3765
JB Pro Court Reporting Services
80 King Street, , Welland
Phone: 289-407-3576
Jeff Root Law Office
53 East Main Street, L3B3W4, Welland
Phone: 905-714-0066
Fax: 905-714-9454
Lancaster, Brooks & Welch LLP
202-3 Cross Street, L3B 5X6, Welland
Phone: 905-735-5684
Fax: 905-735-3340
Leon & Fazari LLP
149 West Main Street, L3C 5A3, Welland
Phone: 905 735 2921
Michael Peterson, Lawyer
152 Hellems Avenue, L3B 3B4, Welland
Phone: 905-714-1616
Fax: 905-714-1807
Miranda J. Belansky Law Professional Corporation
9 East Main Street , L3B 3W4, Welland
Phone: (905) 736-4049
Fax: (905) 732-4049
Pylypuk & Associates
80 King Street, L3B5R4, Welland
Phone: 905-735-2300
Fax: 905-735-9230
Talmage & DiFiore
221 Division Street, L3B 4A1, Welland
Phone: 905 732 4477
Fax: 905 732 4718
William V Frith LLB
152 Hellems Ave, L3B 3B4, Welland
Phone: (905) 735-7582

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