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Welcome to Our Downtown! We are pleased to introduce you to our members who look forward to providing you with that special gift; a great meal between friends or that special moment; or a service required to meet your long term planning or specific needs of the day. Whether meeting with a professional or a business entrepreneur or sitting down to enjoy a cuppa with friends, there is no doubt that Welland IS the place for business and the place to be.


Consumer Survivor Initiative of Niagara
60 King Street , L3B 6A4, Welland
Phone: (905) 732-4498
Dr. Boutros Mikhail
188 East Main St., , Welland
Phone: 905-714-9364
Dr. Cecil John Pauls
188 East Main Street, L3B 3W8, Welland
Phone: (905) 714-9364
Fax: (905) 714-0438
Dr. D. McQueen and Associates
112 Division St, L3B 3Z9, Welland
Dr. Donald Macqueen is an Optometrist practicing at Vision Clinic. His specialties include eye exams, health of the eye, and complex diagnosis. Call today to book your eye exam.
Dr. Gary Bovine
233 Division Street , Welland, Ontario L3B 4A1, L3B 4A1, Welland
Phone: 905-735-3098
Fax: 905-735-2153
Dr. Richard Saari (Optometrist)
2C – 154 West Main Street, L3C 5A2, Welland
Phone: 905-788-0877
Fax: 905-788-0124
3 Cross Street, Suite 304, L3B 5X6, Welland
Phone: 905.734.1579
Fax: 905.734.7564
Generations Sport&Spine Physiotherapy
154 West Main St. Unit 2, L3C 5A2, Welland
Phone: 905-732-1278
Fax: 905-732-3451
Healing Salt Cave Welland
28 Niagara Street, L3C 1H9, Welland
Phone: 289 488 4626
Healthy From the Start
285 East Main , L3B 3X1, Welland
Phone: 905-714-0227 ext 234
Hearing Life
154 West Main Street , L3C5A2, Welland
Phone: 1 888-446-1827
Jennie Dignard Denturist
154 West Main Street, L3C5A2, Welland
Phone: 905 735-9990
Kinetic Fascial Release
213 Division St, L3B 4A1, Welland
Phone: (289) 820-7804
263 Division Street , L3B 4A3, Welland
Phone: (905) 735-3222
Natures Goodness
98 West Main Street, L3C 5A1, Welland
Phone: (905) 732-6767
Niagara Brighter Futures
285 East Main Street, L3B 3X1, Welland
Phone: 905-714-0227
Fax: 905-714-0337
Niagara Region - Public Health Welland
200 Division Street, L3B 4A2, Welland
Phone: (905) 735-5697
Pampered Souls by Juliette
3 East Main St Suite 1 , L3B 3W4 , Welland
Phone: (289) 820-8217
R. Young Medical Massage Therapy
76 Division St , L3B 3Z7, Welland
Phone: 905-735-2519
Ralph L. Saari Optometrist
20 Cross St, L3B 3G1, Welland
Phone: (905) 735-7035
Roots to Health Naturopathic and Shiatsu Clinic
106 West Main , L3C 5A1, Welland
Phone: (905) 714-0998
Rose City Pharmacie Ltd.
188 East Main Street, L3B 3W8, Welland
Phone: 905-735-7505
Fax: 905-735-3398
Sage Femmes Renaissance Midwifery
196 East Main Street, L3B 3W8, Welland
Phone: 905-714-7258
Fax: 905-714-7244
Shepell Counselling
3 Cross Street, L3B 5X6, Welland
St. John Ambulance, Niagara Region Branch Welland Training Location
77 Division Street, , Welland
Phone: 905-685-8964
Taylor Chiropractic
250 Division Street , L3B 4A4, Welland
Phone: 905 734-4515
We use several different Chiropractic techniques including Activator and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in order to help you with problems such as: Disc Herniation, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Degenerative disc disease and more.
The Healing Space
77 East Main Street, L3B3W4, Welland
The Village Yogi
20 Niagara Street, L3C 1H9, Welland
Phone: 905.327.8836
Thermography Clinic
269 East Main Street, L3B 3X1, Welland
Phone: 905.714.1221
Fax: 855.423.0980
Unborn Images 3D 4D Ultrasounds
20 Division St, L3B3Z6 , Welland
Phone: 905-714-0707
Vision Clinic
112 - 114 Division Street, L3B 3Z9, Welland
Phone: 905-734-8800
Fax: 905-734-8874
Welland Wado-Kai Karate Club
40 Division St, L3B 3Z6, Welland
Phone: (905) 735-4998
West Main Community Pharmacy
154 West Main Street, L3C5A2, Welland
Phone: 905 735-0600

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