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Welcome to Our Downtown! We are pleased to introduce you to our members who look forward to providing you with that special gift; a great meal between friends or that special moment; or a service required to meet your long term planning or specific needs of the day. Whether meeting with a professional or a business entrepreneur or sitting down to enjoy a cuppa with friends, there is no doubt that Welland IS the place for business and the place to be.


Canada Post
26 Division St, L3B 3Z0, Welland
Phone: 905-732-1062
Fax: 905-734-7480
Centre d’emploi et de ressources francophones
66 Division St (Suite 2), L3B 3Z6, Welland
Phone: 905-714-1480
Fax: 905-714-1449
Civic Square
60 E Main St, L3B 3X4, Welland
Phone: 905-735-1700
Community Care Access Centre
154 West Main Street, L3C 5A2, Welland
120 E Main St, L3B 3W5, Welland
Phone: 905-735-0010
Niagara Regional Water Treatment
4 Cross Street, L3B3G1, Welland
Phone: 905-735-7420
Ontario Criminal Divisions Courts
102 East Main Street, L3B 3W6, Welland
Phone: 905-735-0010
Ontario Supreme District Court
102 East Main Street, L3B3W6, Welland
Phone: (905) 735-0010
Vance Badawey Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre
136 East Main Street, Suite 103, L3B 3W6, Welland
Phone: 905.788.2204
Welland Civic Square
60 East Main Street , L3B 3X4, Welland
Phone: 905 735 1700
Welland County Law Association
102 East Main Street Welland, L3B 3W6, Welland
Phone: 1-866-455-6489
Fax: ,Fax: 905-734-1883
Welland Transit
160 East Main Street, L3B 3W4, Welland
Phone: 905-735-1700 ext. 3101

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