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  Community Garden

Community Garden Logo
Welcome to our Welland Downtown BIA Community Garden for seniors space!

Join us at 152 Hellems Street

Thank you to all those that contributed to launching our Community Garden for Seniors in Downtown Welland! We are so thankful to the many community members that pulled together to grow something great in our downtown core. The garden is now closed for the 2019 season - see you in Spring 2020!
August 14, 2019
We are so excited to announce an upcoming seniors self-care workshop called "Connect to What Brings You JOY" hosted by facilitator Laura Hughes. This workshop, meant for seniors, will focus on connecting within through writing, sharing and reflective exercises so that individuals can feel joy in the everyday. 
Laura, whose website can be found herecoaches individual clients, facilitates groups and works with organizations to help front-line workers, caregivers and service providers in order to prioritize their mental health and care. We are thrilled she has crafted this workshop to speak to members of our senior population and look forward to what she has to share. 
The workshop will be held Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 10:30am - 11:30am at Villa De Rose Retirement Residence. If you are interested in attending this free workshop you MUST sign up by emailing Carly Eckhardt at community@downtownwelland.ca or calling our office at 289-820-7467. 
August 8, 2019
Things at the Community Garden have been coming along nicely. Each time I head over to the garden I get excited to see what is sprouting up, ready to be harvested. Occasionally it is disappointing when, upon arrival, you find some critters have eaten something, a squirrel has pulled something out, a tomato plant just isn't thriving or a merigold just isn't flowering anymore. 
That's the exciting part about gardening though! You never know what will pop up and, for the most part, the surprises are positive. 
One exciting surprise this week was finding that our cucumbers FINALLY started to bear fruit! It felt like forever watching them grow, with no cukes to be seen anywhere. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, there they all were!
This week the garden is almost bursting with tomatoes and basil (hello sauce time!). One of the gardens seems to really like its watermelon plants - there is currently 4 fruits in one small area! I myself have never grown watermelon before so it is very rewarding to see them flourishing.
Check out some photos of the garden below...and remember - if you have been thinking about coming out to join us, or just want to stop by to check things out, now is the time! Don't be shy - we are friendly I swear. And, if you have a senior in your life who you think may like to sit under a beautiful pergola surrounded by greenery...don't hesitate to bring them over. The garden is open to the public 7 days a week from dawn to dusk and you may come by whether the team is there or not.
If you do stop by don't forget to help yourself to some fresh herbs for your dinner! One of our neighbours says that all it costs you is picking a weed! I like that rule too. 
We hope to see you soon!
August 8, 2019
Upcoming Open Shed days are as follows:
Saturday, August 10, 2019 @ 11:00am
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 @ 11:00am
Friday, August 16, 2019 @ 11:00am
July 22, 2019
Upcoming open shed days are as follows:
Wednesday, July 24 @5:30pm
Saturday, July 27 @5:30pm
Join us at 152 Hellems Street to help sow seeds, harvest, weed, water and tend the gardens! 
Hope to see you there.
July 7, 2019
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Jessica Compton, founder and director of peer-support and outreach service "Tree of Stars". Jessica facilitates events and workshops that promote mental health awareness & addictions recovery by telling stories through music events & art workshops in safe spaces.

We invite you to join our first"Tree of Stars" writing and music workshop at the Community Garden on Friday, July 19th from 11am - 1pm under the pergola. The workshop is free of charge and we encourage you to bring a journal or notebook, pen and a chair as bench seating is limited.

Here is an outline of the day:
"You will arrive at the garden area at 11am. Everyone is welcome. Please bring a journal or notepad and pen. The first 15 min is getting settled in and comfortable with the area. We will introduce ourselves which is optional. The musician will open with a song, then strum the guitar while the facilitator prompts three topics which includes self care. The writing time frame is approximately 20 min which can be written as a journal, song, poem, a letter or perhaps you would like to draw, or your welcome to sit and be as apart participation. When the writing is complete we take turns sharing and again this is optional. We talk about one goal to self care and we provide community resources upon request. We will be doing a draw for someone to win a door prize at this workshop."
Plenty of parking onsite. Please park close to the garden. 
For more information or to learn more about Tree of Stars please visit them on Facebook here or at treeofstars.wordpress.com. 

July 2, 2019
Do you and your group need a beautiful outdoor space to meet? 
Are you part of a Book Club, Garden Club, daycare or community group that needs a spot to meet? Why not meet up in under our new pergola centred in the middle of our Community Garden at 152 Hellems Avenue! Available from dawn to dusk daily, come and enjoy the smell of lavender and marigolds as you meet ... all are welcome. Use of the garden is FREE. Email Carly if you would like to book a time slot at community@downtownwelland.ca


July 2, 2019
Upcoming "Open Shed" days in July are listed below. Please note that if you or your organization would like to visit the shed regularly and have access to the shed and our tools you may sign up for a key by calling our office and asking for Carly 289-820-7467 OR by emailing Carly at community@downtownwelland.ca.
Saturday, July 6, 2019 6pm - 8pm
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 11am - 1pm
Friday, July 12, 2019 11am - 1pm
Thursday, July 18, 2019 9:30am - 11:30am Hosted by Renee Delaney from Small Scale Farms
Friday, July 19, 2019 11:00am - 1:00pm Journal and Music Workshop hosted by Tree of Stars

"Open Shed" means that our shed door is open! Access our tools, watering cans, gloves, seeds, plants, etc. The garden coordinator will be onsite to help if you need it or may bring in something new and fun to plant that day! Bring your own tools and plants if you wish. 
We always need help weeding, watering and giving love to the garden -- JOIN US!

June 28, 2019
Let's kick-off summer in Downtown Welland! 
Just one of the many great activities happening this Canada Day weekend is an "Open Shed" day at the Downtown Community Garden. Join us Saturday, June 29th, 2019 from 10am - 12pm at 152 Hellems and help us plant our seedlings, seeds, water and take care of our gorgeous space. Can't garden? No problem! Come sit under the pergola in the shade and visit. 
ALL ARE WELCOME! See you there! 

June 8, 2019
The Community Garden Install has begun! The Niagara Catholic District School Board's Niagara Launch Centre and teachers and students from Notre Dame College have been on sight, installing the garden, making it look special and beautiful for the senior's in our community.
There is still one final day of install to go and the garden will be set and ready to grow some seeds!
Come join us!
First planting day Wednesday, June 19th from 10am to 12pm (weather permitting):

      - A small orientation of the garden will precede the planting.

      - Plants and seeds will be waiting for you (first come, first served).

      - Don’t hesitate to bring your own gloves and tools as only a limited amount will be available on sight.

      - Featuring expert advice from Renee of Small Scale Farms.

Check out this video of the garden install day made by the NDCSB:

May 2019 
Here is the background on our Downtown garden and a little more information on our logo:
In early 2019 the Welland Downtown BIA was awarded the New Horizons for Seniors Grant from the federal government with the funds to be used towards building a Community Garden for local senior citizens in our downtown core. By supporting the social participation and inclusion of seniors through the garden and its related workshops, our goal is to empower our local seniors, encourage them to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others in the community, and enhance their social well-being and community vitality.

In partnership with the Niagara Catholic District School Board’s Niagara Launch Centre, staff and students from Notre Dame College School have helped the Welland Downtown BIA design and build an accessible and senior-friendly space to be located at 152 Hellems Avenue on the property of Niagara Regional Mortgage Services Inc. 

Thanks to the generosity of business and landowners Gary and Karen Neumann, who have donated the space for the garden, the built-in elements are to be installed on June 7th, 2019 in preparation for the spring and summer growing season. This will include raised and accessible wooden garden beds, a gazebo, a shed and beautiful wooden walkways.

We are pleased to have Renee Delaney from Small Scale Farms on board providing expertise in Community Garden planning and growing. Renee, along with other garden experts, will provide their expertise at the garden and via related workshops throughout the summer. While the garden and its programs are senior focused all are welcome to attend workshops and help around the garden!

Community art projects as well as workshops hosted by local farming experts will begin in June, a schedule for which may be found here as they are booked.

We are currently looking for donations of gardening tools (specifically a wheelbarrow) as well as donations of good quality seeds, seedlings, and other plants for the garden.

More on our Community Garden logo:

The oak leaves in the centre represent strength, endurance, longevity, and humble beginnings. The curved arch over the oak leaves is both a pathway and the sun. Welland Downtown BIA colours wrap around the oak leaves representing the different businesses and services offering support to the garden.

The colours from left to right and their meanings:

-orange: Professional services/shop local/retail business

-blue: arts and culture

-lime green is food services industry

-purple: entertainment and play

-dark green: parks and outdoor spaces

While all are welcome at the garden we specifically invite all 50+ individuals in our Welland Community to come to the garden and to lend a hand! Dates for our first planting days will be announced shortly on this page!

For more information please contact:

Carly Eckhardt
Community Programs Coordinator
Welland Downtown BIA
195 East Main Street, Unit 4C
Welland, ON, L3B 3W7
Office: 289-820-7467

Bienvenue à notre « espace blog » Jardin communautaire SDAC Centre-Ville Welland!

Revenez ici au cours des prochains mois pour des mises à jour sur notre tout nouveau jardin et pour connaître les dates et heures des événements spéciaux et des ateliers.  2019 promet d'être une période excitante pour les aînés de notre communauté, alors que nous aidons notre jardin à se développer !

Voici l’arrière-plan de notre jardin au centre-ville et un peu plus d’informations sur notre logo:

Au début de 2019, le gouvernement fédéral a octroyé à la SDAC Centre-Ville Welland une subvention du programme New Horizons for Seniors Grants, qui servira à la construction d'un jardin communautaire pour les personnes âgées de notre centre-ville. En soutenant la participation sociale et l'inclusion des aînés par le biais du jardin et de ses ateliers, notre objectif est de responsabiliser nos aînés locaux, de les encourager à partager leurs connaissances, leurs compétences et leur expérience avec les autres membres de la communauté et d'améliorer leur bien-être social et vitalité communautaire.

En partenariat avec le Niagara Launch Center du Conseil Catholique du District Niagara, son personnel et les étudiants de l’école secondaire Notre Dame College ont aidé le SDAC centre-ville Welland à concevoir et à construire un espace accessible et adapté aux personnes âgées, situé au 152 rue Hellems, dans la propriété du commerce Niagara Regional Mortgage Services Inc.

Grâce à la générosité des entreprises et des propriétaires fonciers Gary et Karen Neumann, qui ont fait don de l'espace pour le jardin, les éléments intégrés doivent être installés le 7 juin 2019 en prévision du printemps et de l'été. Cela comprendra des lits de jardin en bois surélevés et accessibles, un belvédère, un hangar et de belles allées en bois.

Nous sommes heureux d’avoir Renee Delaney, de Small Scale Farms, pour apporter son expertise en matière de planification et de développement de jardins communautaires. Renee et d’autres experts en jardinage apporteront leur expertise dans le jardin et lors d’ateliers connexes tout au long de l’été. Alors que le jardin et ses programmes sont axés sur les personnes âgées, tous sont invités à assister à des ateliers et à aider autour du jardin!

Des projets d'art communautaire ainsi que des ateliers animés par des experts agricoles locaux débuteront en juin. Vous pourrez les consulter ici au fur et à mesure de leur réservation.

Nous recherchons actuellement des dons d'outils de jardinage (en particulier une brouette), ainsi que des dons de semences de bonne qualité, de plants et d'autres plantes pour le jardin.

Plus sur notre logo jardin communautaire :

Les feuilles de chêne au centre représentent la force, l'endurance, la longévité et des débuts modestes. La voûte recourbée sur les feuilles de chêne est à la fois une voie et le soleil. Les couleurs SDAC du centre-ville Welland s’enveloppent autour des feuilles de chêne représentant les différents commerces et services offrant un soutien au jardin.

Les couleurs de gauche à droite et leur signification:

-orange: Services professionnels / Boutique locale / Commerce de détail

-bleu: arts et culture vert citron est l'industrie des services alimentaires

-violet: divertissement et jeu

-vert foncé: parcs et espaces extérieurs

Bien que tous soient les bienvenus au jardin, nous invitons plus particulièrement ceux au-delà de 50 et plus de notre communauté de Welland à venir au jardin et à donner un coup de main ! Les dates de nos premiers jours de plantation seront annoncées sous peu sur cette page !

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec:

Carly Eckhardt

Coordonnatrice des programmes communautaires

SDAC centre-ville Welland

195 rue East Main, bureau 4C

Welland, ON, L3B 3W7

Bureau: 289-820-7467



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